Friday, May 24, 2013

Help Jazabelle Get to SoE Live!

Don't feel like reading? Input L40C-UYGB-NANQ-L95X-VEM0 to receive $20 off your registration for SoE Live! And those are zeros, not the letter O!

Want to help Jazabelle get to SoE Live while giving your friends a discount? Give your friends the link so that they too can get $20 off of their SoE Live registration!

So I've been a fan of SoE games since...

Well, let's be honest. The first time I saw EQ2, I was not a fan. The graphics were turned down low, and everyone knows what the characters look like at low graphics--Play-doh and crayon, if you're being generous. This was back in EQ2's beta phase (or maybe it was a little after it came out? My memory is a little fuzzy on exact dates), when the intro involving the boat existed. I couldn't stand it. Turning up the graphics wasn't an option. Even on my then-boyfriend's high-middle-of-the-line computer, anything higher than low graphics meant choke city.

Fast forward one year. At the end of 2005, I picked up EQ2 at the urging of a friend. He lured me in with housing. At that point, I'd discovered housing in SWG. With the encouragement of, "The housing in EQ2 is a lot like SWG's, except you don't have to find a plot to put down your house, and you don't have to worry about your house being destroyed if your rent expires," I bought the game.

And here we are now.

I have yet to go to a single SoE Live. There was one year when I was in Las Vegas at the same time as Fan Faire, back when it was Fan Faire. That was the first year that I found out that Fan Faire existed. I came back from Vegas and was chatting about it in guild. Someone asked me what I'd gotten from Fan Faire. "Fan Faire?" I asked. "What's that?"

Since that day, I've been determined to go to Fan Faire. When it changed to SoE Live, I was still determined to go to Fan Faire. ...oh fine. SoE Live. I was determined to go to SoE Live! Yet year after year, things came up to keep me from going.

I can't remember everything that's happened to keep me away, but I can definitely remember starting five years ago.

  • Five years ago, I was working as a teacher's assistant and couldn't get the time off.
  • Four years ago, two little kittens came into my life and required care.
  • Three years ago, the garage needed to be redone.
  • Two years ago, migraines, exhaustion, and a need to replenish funds kept me home.
  • Last year, four more little kittens came into my life. These needed 'round the clock care.
  • This year, the pipes put in in 1920 finally decided to give up the ghost. We have mud and roots in the line. We need to get permits from the city so that we can dig up the alley in order to replace the pipes all the way out to the city's main. It's an expensive job.

The only way I can get to SoE Live this year will be if at least 15 people are willing to use the below code to receive $20 off their SoE Live registration fee.

So if you'd like to help Jazabelle get to SoE Live so that you can meet her in person (It's not really all that special to meet her in person, but hey, I've gotta offer some sort of incentive here) and you want to receive $20 off of your SoE Live registration fee, input the code L40C-UYGB-NANQ-L95X-VEM0 when registering for your SoE Live tickets. Those are zeros, not the letter O!

If you personally don't want to go to SoE Live, feel free to pass on either the code or the link to those you think might be interested.

Hey, $20 off is a pretty good deal!


  1. If anyone deserves to go to SOELive, it's you Jaz. I really hope you get to make it! You are hands down the sweetest person and SOE would be blessed to have you there! So if ya'll are going, use her code!! Come on come on!! Let's get Jaz to SOE - Kasumie :D

  2. That's very sweet of you, Kasumie! I do hope I'll be able to go, but it's not looking good so far. I have three more weeks to really step up the advertising, though. We'll see!

  3. Hey Jazzy! I am having ANOTHER of those years (this year is divorce yippee!) that I can't go but will share this in our Guk Vegas group and anywhere else I can spam it!!!! Good luck chica!!!!

    ~~Sylestia (Now Savvette on Unrest mostly though!!) Smooches!!!

  4. Thank you for the well wishing! I'm still doing my best to get the word out there.

    The official word is that there's only a little over a week left. The rumor is that it's been extended until about a month from now. I'm going with a week, since that's what the official word is, so I'm stepping up the advertising!

    Spam your friends (not really, but get that word out there!) as much as they'll let you, and have them pass it on to their friends!

  5. Jazabelle this is David, you know me as rat in game. There is a good chance that I am going. what is your code? But I already paid for registration can I still use it?

  6. Hello David!

    Unfortunately, if you've already paid for your SoE Live registration, you can't use the code.

    On the off chance that you know someone interested in going, the code is L40C-UYGB-NANQ-L95X-VEM0.