Monday, February 18, 2008

Shadow Guard Guild Hall

This was created before scaling or the layout editor. This home is no longer available for touring, as the homeowner left the game some years ago.

Posted February 18, 2008 on the Norrathian Homeshow Forums.

Shadow Guard is a lovely family-style guild on Antonia Bayle. Our Guild Hall is in South Qeynos, at 2 Bayle Court, under Sumac. (Silly goodies, forcing us evils to sneak around the goody city!)

Our guild hall is nearly completely done. (Just missing a couple things for our pool table, and an Elaborate Woodworking Table).

So far, I've been the main designer (as my partner-in-crime was dragged away by that evil monster called "real life" in the middle of our decorating, and hasn't been able to log in for very long at all for the past week or so). Not all of the ideas are mine, and some of what's in the current guild hall was in there from our previous guild hall. Other people have also come in to give tips, or shift things around. So while I roughed out the basics, the project has really been a whole guild event.

All of the following pictures are thumbnails. Please feel free to click on them for a larger image.

Feedback welcome! In fact, it is greatly appreciated. The harsher you are, the better (as long as you're not mean about it)!

Our front room is a fun little gathering area/lounge:

Same room, an aquarium. I borrowed heavily from ideas in the aquarium thread. Thanks much to everyone who shared their ideas! I'll have to remember to post my version in the thread at some point.

Same room, the view of the rest of the room from right in front of the aquarium.

Kitchen is through the doorway in the previous screenshot. This is a view from the doorway.

Closeup of the counter and stove.

The view of the dining area, from on top of the cakes and cookies...

And if you go downstairs to the basement, you come to the bar/gaming area.

A closeup of the pool table. I'm not really satisfied with it, as there aren't any bumpers or anything to keep balls on the table. Not that there are any balls. Oh well.

*edit: It now has a single billiard ball, with three more on the way! Still working on convincing people to donate more Glowing Black Stones... (I suppose I could fund the whole thing from the Shady Swashbuckler, but 29g a pop isn't something I feel like spending at this time. Not to mention all those runs between the Shady Swashbuckler and Qeynos!) I'll update the picture as soon as I remember to.

A view of the doorway in the back. Behind it are two crafting rooms, which I didn't bother to screenshot, since it just contains crafting tables. (I didn't decorate them at all, to reduce lag.)

Up to the second floor, in the room there, we have our library and massage room. There's supposed to be a curtain between the two rooms, but we haven't gotten around to crafting the curtains yet. Maybe tomorrow! Or the day after. Or the day after. Or...

The following is the library and massage room again, this time with the curtain in place. We finally have it, yay!

The second floor of the Qeynos 5 rooms have a little alcove. Ours is a worship area/closet. Yes, that's a closet. Because our guild leaders like to lock new recruits, or people returning from hiatus, in order to prevent them from getting away.

The interior of the closet from the doorway.

The other side of the closet from the doorway. The jug on the chairs is jumjum. I'm not sure why we have a jug of jumjum in the closet, but that's where I was told to put it.

And all the way upstairs, we have the arena. This is one of the few rooms whose function I didn't change -- it was an arena when I was told to decorate, and it's an arena now. Although we did tear down everything that was there (except the platform with the officer's chairs) and start over. It's simple, but obvious as to it's function. There are supposed to be tapestries (battle standards!) hanging over the arena, but our carpenter hasn't quite gotten to those either.

Stadium seating at the arena:

Yes, it does work. I had to redo it multiple times until the seats were possible to sit on without the "invisible wall" of the tables behind it forcing you to hover in midair.

The officer seating, I didn't touch. That's been saved from the previous incarnation of the guild hall.

Annnd we have a swing in the corner. Because what arena is complete without a swing? No, really. It's just because we had the bench, and I loved the idea of a swing. So I put in a swing. And if the guild doesn't like it, too bad!

And that's our guild hall. I hope you enjoyed our tour!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Home Sweet Home -- A Virtual Tour 1

This was my first post on the Norrathian Homeshow forums. While this Neriak house wasn't my first house, it was the first house I felt I'd created that was good enough to "compete" with the other homes on the forums.

This home was completed before scaling or the layout editor existed.

A Facebook album of this house can be found here. The original post was posted on January 25, 2008.
Now, I'm not quite as professional as a lot of people posting on these forums, so be gentle! SMILEY

And I do have to admit my forte isn't really creating new ideas, it's more in borrowing existing ideas and modifying them. So if things look familiar, they probably are! I'd say thanks to the people who invented the ideas, but with the amount of borrowing that does go on, it's a little hard to know who the idea originated from. So to everyone who contributes their ideas: Thank you!

I finally have a house I feel is decent enough to share in the Norrathian Homeshow. It's already gone through some modifications since I took the screenshots, but most of them are just minor tweaks. (Moving lighting around, etc.)

Jazabelle, at 3 Walk of the Dead, Neriak, on the Antonia Bayle server.

These are thumbnails. If you want to see a bigger version of the image, click the thumbnail! And if anyone wants closeups of particular things, feel free to visit, or ask me, and I'll see about taking a screenshot and posting.

And yes, I know the screenshot quality isn't that great. I had my settings turned down for some obscure reason that I no longer remember, and forgot to turn it back up. But the thought of redoing the post with better screenshots makes me quake in terror at the amount of time it would take. So you'll either have to make do with the lesser quality, or come visit!

To begin with, when entering my home, you encounter my sales area. Yes, the Freeport Wooden Counter doesn't look very good. I'm in the process of obtaining a Long Mahogany Counter (the one that matches the Neriak houses!) but my carpenter hasn't gotten around to turning the raw material into the Counter yet. (On a side note, thank you so much Adeste for putting up with my million and three mails asking for yet another item to be crafted.) One of the few things in my house that I've never seen anywhere else, and that I did think of on my own (although I'm sure other people have done similar, or the same) are the paper doorways I have. I hate the gaping open doorways in most of the houses, so I cover them over with eight "oil painting of a knight." That's the backside of the painting you see -- the doorway is completely useable, you just can't see through it. And let me tell you, positioning those things is a chore and a half.

The lefthand paper doorway leads to my "garden."

A closeup of my waterfall and pool. I adore the stone in the pool. It was simple, cheap, and easy to make, and adds a lot of life to the scene.

Exiting the garden and going through the righthand paper doorway takes you to my bedroom! And what's a necromancer's bedroom without a few skulls? Gotta love those death's head draperies!

The view of my room is being taken from the area where my desk is. As a sage, a crafting table in the house is a must, but I hate that stupid nametag. So, I hid it in the wall (mostly) and replaced it with a vale briarwood desk. Infinitely better, in my opinion.

Now, if you look at my bedroom, there's a paper screen all the way across the room. (that's something like 30 oil paintings!) Behind that screen, I have my bathroom.

Closeup of the tub:

I'm going to skip my downstairs basement, because it's not quite done to my satisfaction. Instead, I'm going to head upstairs, to my kitchen/dining room. Yes, my kitchen is upstairs. Here's my buffet/stove/sink.

A closeup of the sink/stove with a cutting board. The sink was another of the few ideas in the house that is my own creation. I tried to use a keg for the faucet, but the keg wouldn't sink into the wall. So I improvised using Trophies from L&Ls. And finally, a use for that unnecessarily large Mama's Eggnog! I love the xegonite bowl -- it's bubbling, so it looks like the stove is on.

This is a previous version of the sink, using Spiced Eggnog. I'd forgotten about Mama's Eggnog! However, it does show which L&L trophies I used. The corners of the info boxes are touching the L&L trophies:

A view of the "eatery" from the back of the room. Yes, that is a mini stage with a harp. Sometimes, even a necromancer wants relaxing music to go with her dinner.

And next door to the "eatery" -- blocked off by yet another paper doorway -- is my game room/lounge/stage. Why a necromancer has a stage, I don't know. I just wanted one. So I have it! Hanging the curtains (stained tapestry of valor) was a pain. I'm so glad it's done.

The view from the stage:

And the two wings of the stage! There are music boxes back there, so that any "performers" who wish to provide music for others can actually do so.


And with that, the virtual tour of my home comes to an end. Thanks for bearing with an over-talkative, exclamation-loving necromancer! Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.