Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tinkered Building Blocks on Test!

I woke up to a rather awesome Facebook wall post this morning from Niami Denmother informing me that our dream of tinkered building blocks is true!

That's right, tinkered building blocks in impacted metal and rhodium plating are coming with Tinkerfest. Metal building blocks that don't have to be purchased with SC, and can be used in guild halls! Pardon me, I feel the urge to dance around the house.

Read Niami's (very brief) preview on EQ2 Traders Corner. She includes a screenshot of a few of the pieces.

She's hoping to have the full Tinkerfest write-up up by next week (but we won't begrudge her the time if it takes her longer, considering how helpful and fun all of her write-ups always are!).