Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Norrathian Research Library, Version 1

The original post was posted on the Norrathian Homeshow forums on August 31, 2010.

This was my second flexing of editor muscles. This home features the first domed glass ceiling--the one that started it all! (At least in my case.)
I've been meaning to post this for a while now, but between redoing my house six or eight times and a recent commission I was working on (in addition to going out of town and catching a horrible cold) I haven't found the time.

The majority of the tower is very similar, as it's mostly a place to house the books I've been collecting. My collection may not be the largest around, but I can guarantee that it's very well loved. I even went so far as to build a tower for it, after all!

There aren't many complex items built in the tower, aside from the tower itself. But I do like it. It only took about four days to make, so it's allowed to be a little sparse!

The Norrathian Research Library, Kelethin Branch is housed in Aerie Kolmas (the Far Residential Aerie) under Library on the Antonia Bayle server. Pay a visit -- it looks much better in person.

I have not actually finished putting the books on the shelves, but the structure itself is finished (aside from the restrooms).

If you feel like donating/selling/contacting me about getting some neat items into the library, feel free! I can always use a few more items.

Also, I'm collecting books! Have some old books you don't want any more? Especially books that aren't obtainable any longer? I will purchase them! I'm no Aurelis, but I'm working on becoming an Aurelis acolyte. Boooooooooks.

Do you write books? I reserve the top floor of my eight story tower for player-written books. Lemme know, and I will purchase them from you, or provide notebooks for you to paste them in.

Many many many thanks to Aurelis for her encouragment, input, and catalog system. Just as many thanks to Rakuno for putting up with random giant carpentry and faction item orders at all hours of the day and night, and for doing them as fast as an impatient Ayr'Dal used to instant gratification could wish!

Exiting Kelethin, entering the little valley where the library is housed.

Path through the forest to the front doors of the library.

Looking up through the trees to the sky above

First floor -- entryway, catalog, map, and front desk

Second floor -- Rare Tomes

Third floor -- Lands and Beasts

Fourth floor -- Chronicles, Cultures, and Hobbies

For those of you who don't know, Jazabelle always has a skeleton of some sort in her house. She started life as a necromancer, and it's left a lasting impression, even though she's an illusionist now.

Rakuno (on one of his many trips to purchase faction items) stopped by and picked up this skeleton for me as a surprise. Please note, this skeleton is a model only! No Norrathians were harmed in the obtaining of said skeleton. I swear. Honest.

The donor is anonymous, because it was one of Rakuno's other characters who picked it up, and as far as in-character actions go, said character would not donate an item to a library. Anonymous it is!

Fifth floor -- Parlor

Seowyth was giving away several items in Homeshow one day. I pounced on one of them, and was generously given several other items in addition! Thank you for the piano, Seowyth. It fits the parlor perfectly!

The restrooms are not finished. I became bored partway through. I'll finish them one day... maybe. As they're not important to the rest of the library, I haven't bothered!

Sixth floor -- Mythoi

Aurelis, Rakuno, and I had an amusing debate about mythos, mythoi, and mythoses. Mythos is singular, everyone! Mythoi and mythoses are plural. I prefer how mythoi looks, although I don't speak Greek, so I have no idea if that's the appropriate plural to use in this situation. Anyone know?

Seventh floor -- Notables and Mortals

Eighth floor -- Books by Adventurers

The books on this shelf are my fairy tale series. I promise, I'll get around to writing another fairy tale soon!

This book is probably the most important book in my collection. Anyone interested in book hunting should definitely pick up a copy, or poke Aurelis if there are no more for sale on Antonia Bayle. I have no idea if she's selling them on The Bazaar or not!