Friday, February 24, 2012

Where did she go? Oh, there she is!

The period from October through February is probably the busiest holiday season on Norrath. We have Nights of the Dead followed by the Heroes Festival. Before we catch our breath, we're hit by Frostfell. This year, we had the Goddess Risen world event right up until Erollisi day. Throughout those five months we also have city festivals and grottos each month. It seems like there's never a moment to catch your breath!

In less than a week, the Neriak city festival starts, and as soon as that's over, Brewday begins.

I love Everquest 2 and the number of holidays, but sometimes it seems like all there ever are are holidays. So this year I took it easy. I didn't go crazy farming any of the holidays (although my warehouses beg to differ, groaning at the seams with holiday-themed furniture). I took breaks, did things away from the computer, and didn't decorate at all. Because of that, I haven't had much to write about.

Yet somehow I have a zillion projects I need to finish before mid-March.

Right now I'm working on cleaning up a temple for Thoradan, building a temple for Dolthaic, arranging mazes for Kiosha, planning boats for Jadirah and Malecht, waiting for Eleanixa to get back to me so I can load the Tudor Farmhouse for her, working on several projects of my own, and planning a dungeon.

I wonder if I'll ever get back to the cabin in New Halas?