Friday, October 2, 2015

Real Life AFK finally over!

  So my real life AFK took longer than expected. First, I went on vacation. Then I went on vacation again, this time to see my brother across the country. Then I came home and spent some time with the Beau. And then I went down with a migraine.

  Two months after I went AFK, I'm finally back!

  There are a lot of things I have coming up in the near future:

  • Checking up and confirming with the few people who didn't let me know they'd gotten their prizes to find out whether they did or if there was a miscommunication.
  • Catching up on guild admin.
  • Doing the limited time in-game event.
  • City fest!
  • Running guild events.
  • Catching up on an Everfrost commission.
  • Catching up on a Qeynosian Riverfront Property purchase.
  • Catching up on a tower commission.
  • Finishing up the NotD maze (Cogworts Laboratories) for this year.
  • Opening up the NotD maze (Cogworts Laboratories) to participants.
  You may notice that I'm not including video tutorials of the layout editor on my list. This is because JesDyr is working on a new version of the layout editor, and I can't justify spending the time it would take on new tutorials when I'll just have to redo them in the near future.

  However, you can still request tutorials for me to do once the new editor comes out. So if you have tutorial requests, feel free to post here.