Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Chapel Maze to Anashti Sul (Prizes October 6 - November 17)

Somewhere hidden amongst Freeport's streets
A temple to the Forgotten sleeps.
Every Nights of the Dead it awakes,
Mortal life it forever forsakes.
If for prizes death you would cheat,
Proceed to Jazabelle's to partake!

Apologies for the horrible poetry, but last year's maze set a precedent, and I didn't have anyone to write the poetry for me this year.

Important information: This was originally set to run from October 6 - November 10th. Unfortunately, I fell ill in the weeks prior to November 10th, and was unable to promote the maze. In the interest of fairness, I've extended the event for a week. Those 24 individuals who completed the maze prior to November 10th will still receive their prizes on November 11th. Anyone else is welcome to run the maze and answer the riddle. If you do so, your prize will be mailed to you on November 18th.

When: October 6 - November 17, 2012

Where: Jazabelle's Lavastorm home in Freeport on the Antonia Bayle server. Alternatively, you may visit The Chapel to Anashti Sul on the Leaderboards, under the Hall of Fame.

Why?: Because Nights of the Dead is awesome, but sometimes you need to take a break from grinding for the house items! So instead you can run a maze and answer a riddle for prizes (I know, I know, not that different...).

Prizes?: Yep! Prizes will be awarded through the 18th of November. Details can be found in the book inside the chapel.

Other servers offering prizes:
All other servers are eligible for prizes, as we have one kind person on Freeport taking care of prizes there, and a kind person from AB offering SC prizes to those who complete the maze and riddle. If you'd like to offer prizes for your server, please do feel free to contact me (I'm blown away by your generosity, guys!). You still have to travel to Antonia Bayle to run the maze and see the riddle, but you can receive awards on your main character.

Other NotD fun:
The MazeMansion from 2011 is open again, and offering token prizes to anyone who completes it!

(For those interested in seeing a photo album of the construction of the zones, click here. Don't worry, there are no spoilers.)


  1. Lunshea (of Freeport)
  2. Liily (of Freeport)
  3. Qaia
  4. Kiosha
  5. Ashinor
  6. Nihke
  7. Sedeck (of Oasis)
  8. Facemeats
  9. Immauri
  10. Lealani
  11. Atmu
  12. Blazewolf
  13. Savriel
  14. Teoh
  15. Chikkin
  16. Senya (of Crushbone)
  17. Kaian
  18. Melago
  19. Kiuf
  20. Locomotive
  21. Lowgan
  22. Zazoo
  23. Kasumie
  24. Ughucork (of Freeport)