Friday, November 19, 2010

Homes and Tomes Guild Hall, Version 1

The original post was posted on the Norrathian Homeshow forums on November 19, 2010.

Yes, ladies and gents, Homes and Tomes' guild hall is complete!

We're located in Halas, on the Antonia Bayle server. We're a (very) small guild of people interested in decorating, crafting, and BOOOOOOOOOKS!

Hello all! I am Jazabelle Wra'Eth, Bibliobuilder (that's leader, to the rest of you) of Homes and Tomes!

Some views of the Lounge, the area right as you enter the hall:
Left side

Right side

Closeup of fireplace

Star inlay


And on to the crafting room, which is to the East of the Lounge:

All of the stations are completely useable. The tables are flipped upside down and placed near the appropriate crafting station. All one has to do to use them is to stand in front of the appropriate station, open the recipe book, pick the recipe, and craft!

All of the stations can also easily reach the writ giver, and have their own clipboard to begin writs.

Through the hall to the dock:

I tried for an optical illusion of a cave entrance in the distance. Whoo, it looks stormy out there!

To the West of the Lounge are the living quarters. A friend refers to this as our "red light district." I have no idea why!

A guest room

Skitle in her room, with her first gold, framed.

Skitle's closet

The very important notice you receive upon entering Skitle's room...

Aurelis' room. Yes, we have The Aurelis! <3

Aurelis, doing Aurelisy things.

The bathroom is not as large as it appears... really!

Toweeeeeeelllllllls! Possibly my favorite thing in the entire hall. I don't know why, it just is...

A Throne In Sandstone. It's the hottest sculpture around! Also, the most useful.

Staircase to the second floor

Yes, it is appropriately sized.

The upstairs guest room

Kazz's room. The poor guy keeps having the gender of his Dirty Secret changed whenever the mood strikes us... Yes, right now it's male.
(Kazz saw Skitle's skeleton. Skitle is a necromancer. Kazz is a shadowknight. Kazz informed me, "I don't want a skeleton in my closet. Skeletons are so passe! I want a high elf in my closet." Kazz's mistake was in not informing me what gender said high elf should be...)

Last but not least, my room!

My closet. I collect clothing like other people collect.... other things that they collect a lot of. My poor home is overfull of clothing, so I've taken to storing some at the guild hall. In garment bags, of course! Wouldn't want them to get damaged...

The hall really is much better in person. I've left out quite a few details. If you're there, be sure to poke your head in every room! The guest rooms and bathrooms are pretty similar, but the personal rooms are quite unique. In theory, each person was supposed to decorate their own room. In practice, only Skitle had the time to decorate hers, and I wound up decorating the others' in as close to their taste as I could manage.

Thanks for touring, and be sure to drop us a line if you stop by!