Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Equal Treatment For All

Because there seems to be some confusion, I am not talking about EQ2. This post is about EQNext, and Gabor Sziksai's artwork on the front page of https://www.everquestnext.com/. No, I'm not asking them to remove the chainmail bikinis, if they have chainmail bikinis in the game. I'm asking for options. This is my opinion. These are my experiences in games. You are welcome to disagree, but keep it civil.

Gabor Sziksai's artwork is gorgeous. I cannot deny that, and I wish I had even a fraction of his talent. If you haven't looked at the artwork over at https://www.everquestnext.com/, go do so. Like EQNext on Facebook, follow it on Twitter, and do that Google+ thing to get some awesome wallpapers too.

With all of that said...

Really? I mean... really? Can we please get equal treatment here for the men? Why do they get awesome looking full coverage armor? I want to see miniscule codpieces with testicles bursting out the sides, please. Or something. Because the boobshelves just don't do it for me. And if those sexually attracted to women get fanservice with boobshelves for their front-facing braces of missiles, I want banana hammocks that don't cover bulging nutsacks.

Haven't we progressed beyond this yet? I admit, I like to look good in the games I play. And I run around in a corset most of the time, but with my corset, I wear PANTS. The only thing that's showing are my shoulders and a little bit of the top of my chest. I specifically chose the corset that covers my stomach.

The artwork is perpetuating the stereotype of the female in games.

Female characters are usually seen very few ways.

1) You're a man playing a woman to try and con people into giving you free stuff.

2) You're a woman playing a woman to get free stuff.

Everyone likes to give free stuff when you show a little T&A.

Everyone knows if you aren't playing to get free stuff, you're going to play a male character.

It doesn't matter that you could be a woman playing a woman simply because you're more comfortable playing your own sex. Everyone knows women don't do that. Real women who play the game without trying to get loot for free play male characters. The fact that women in games are so often oversexed means that you're regarded as a loot-seeking whore whether you are one or not. The miniscule bikinis don't help matters one bit.

And while I have nothing against those who want to dress their avatars in little bits of nothing (and I have been known to dress my character in a little bit of nothing when the mood hits), I certainly hope there's the option to dress my character in something with more coverage. The males' armor is fantastic. I hope there's something just as fantastic and nearly identical for the women.

While on the topic of women, I noticed their musculature. Carting around those braces of missiles certainly has been good for their abdominal muscles! Hopefully EQN will include a breast slider... so that we can slide those puppies DOWN. Not all of us want to look like escapees from a breast implant advertisement.

So, yes. Gabor Sziksai, your artwork is gorgeous, and I will download the hell out of it when it's revealed.

But by anything you consider holy, please don't let the dark elf reach over her head. Or everyone's getting a free peep show.


  1. I'd disagree that we all play females for "free stuff". I play them because the attention to detail in their armor is almost always better. The males just get a "suit of armor" with some new colour and some neat spikes sticking out of it.

    The females, they get new armor that looks completely different.

    I think you might be caught up in a bit of feminism here. I know my wife plays female characters and she enjoys playing them. I believe she counts as a "Real Women", and I know she's not looking for handouts.


    1. I'm afraid you missed my sarcasm in the section where I was addressing what "everyone knows" about why men play female characters. I know that not all men play females for free items. I know a lot of men who play female characters for a variety of reasons, and only twice have I heard, "I play them because people give me stuff." Those two were most definitely not friends of mine, just individuals I had the misfortune of knowing.

      Unfortunately, it's a stereotype I've run into again and again in games. If it's one you haven't run into, you're quite lucky. It may just be that it's certain segments of the gaming population. I have noticed it isn't as prevalent in the Everquest/Everquest 2 population as in other games I've played.

      This isn't a case of feminism, and I certainly don't think of myself as a feminist. I think of myself as an everywoman who is worried that EQNext is going to further perpetuate the stereotypes that woman gamers are already dealing with.

      In EQ2 currently, this isn't really a problem. I don't want it to be a problem in EQNext either. So while I don't have anything against chainmail bikinis and those who choose to wear them, I hope there are options for those of us who choose not to bare all to the world (and appearance slots, so that we don't have to choose between stats and looks).

      I was encouraged to bring this up to a developer, and I have. As it was pointed out to me, developers aren't psychic beings. They can't know a gamer's concerns unless we speak up about them.

      I am not interested in playing Age of Conan 2.0. I'm interested in playing Everquest Next.

      And if you're curious as to why I'm bringing Age of Conan into this, take a look at the Sziksai painting on the https://www.everquestnext.com/ website. While it's gorgeous... I feel like I'm looking at Age of Conan 2.0.

  2. Your claims are stupid, my girlfriend and I both played everquest 2 and never had any issues with this kinda shit. Besides they have always offered the option to cover yourself completely and the fact that you're questioning something that has never been an issue is just insane!

    1. Please note that I am not talking about EQ2, but EQNext, and the possible armor options we will have there. I am expressing concerns about the upcoming game and the options we may or may not have.

      My claims are not "stupid," as I make no claims. I mention some rather well-known stereotypes. I bring up concerns and a hope for options in the upcoming game. Please be civil on this blog, and please do not hide behind anonymity as an excuse to be rude.

      This is my personal blog, and I do have a right to express my own opinions and concerns here. Note I am not on any official forums, airing said concerns.

      Yes, I did contact a developer, at the request of ANOTHER developer. My concerns were addressed, and I let the matter drop. I am eagerly awaiting SOE Live to see what exactly EQN will bring, in terms of gear appearance, character appearance, and housing.

      Safe travels,


  3. Jazzabelle, thanks for posting your thoughts on this. I agree and have experienced the bias. It's about choice and perception. Our characters should be a reflection of how diverse we are, not just a mono faceted view as walking breasts.