Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Housing Scavenger Hunt 2014 FAQ

Updated 08 April, 2014

Q: May I submit more than one home to the HSH?

A: Not this time around. Last time we had 50 people and over 75 homes in the hunt. We'd like to cap it at 60 people and 60 homes this year. So pick your favorite home and submit it!

Q: Last time, you allowed guild halls in the HSH. Will you allow them this year?

A: That depends on how many submissions we receive. The more homes we receive, the less likely it is that we'll accept guild halls as submissions. You're welcome to request that we include it, but we may decide not to. Currently, it's looking like guild halls will be included.

Q: Do I have to build a new home, or can I use an existing home?

A: You can do either! You have a couple of weeks if you want to build a new one, or you can use one that exists already. It's entirely up to you.

Q: Does my home have to have a specific theme?

A: It does not. Pick your favorite home. It can be anything from a single-person cottage, to a bar, to a castle, to an island of snowglobes... whatever you feel your best work is!

Q: Can I submit a home that I decorated, but that doesn't belong to me?

A: You can, but only if the homeowner doesn't mind. The HSH lasts for a month (to give people the time to figure out riddles and run through the various homes), so the homeowner needs to be willing to allow visitors for that amount of time. Additionally, as you can only submit one home, whether it belongs to you or not, you may prefer to encourage the homeowner to submit the home, and you can then submit one of your own.

Q: By what date do I need to submit my home?
A: Please have all home submissions in by Sunday, April 20th.

Q: If I submit a home, am I still allowed to participate in the scavenger hunt?
A: Yes you are! As long as you promise not to start the scavenger hunt until the hunt begins.

Q: When is the Hunt happening?

A: We're looking at early May. We need time to organize it. I organized it in two weeks last time, and I was practically in tears by the time it was all over. Never again!

Q: Can I submit a home that’s already on the Leaderboards?

A: Yes, but please keep in mind that you will have to pull your house down off the leaderboards in order to place the clue.

Q: Do I have to put my home up on the Leaderboards?

A: It’s preferred! For one, it allows goodies easy access into Neriak. For another, it allows people to vote on your home, to show their appreciation for what you've done!

Q: I’m from another server and I want to rebuild my home on AB. How does it work?

A: Post in this thread, and create a character on Antonia Bayle. We’ll get you in contact with a carpenter who can help you reproduce your item list. You'll need to save a layout of your home so that you can create a manifest of what you’ll need, and so that you can load it once you’re on Antonia Bayle. Please make sure your home doesn't include SC items (unless you’re willing to buy them yourself for your AB home) or too many rare/quested items. Remember, people on AB are going to have to help you obtain your items, so try to make it as easy as possible!

Q: I’m from another server. Can I just build a brand new home on AB?

A: Of course! Feel free to build a completely new home. You have a couple of months! Members both of Homes and Tomes and the larger Antonia Bayle community are just waiting to help you get started with gathering items.

Q: I’m from another server and don’t have any character slots, but I’d like to participate. What should I do?

A: Create a new account, and create a character on AB with that, of course! You can also buy a character slot on the Marketplace and use that. But the new account is free, and the character slot is $10.

Q: The other HSH had a theme--Helping an Erudite Find Her Voice. What's this year's theme?

A: Shhh! It's a secret! (That means we haven't actually figured that out yet...)

Q: Do I have to write the clue?
A: No, that's my job. All you have to do is describe to me where you want the clue to go, and to make sure that I have trustee on the house so that I can place the clue where it will go.

Q: How do I prepare my house for your clue?

A: Leave your house as it is! Just be sure to give me (Jazabelle) trustee to your home, so that the clue can be placed when the time is right.

Q: Where should the clue go?

A: My advice is to pick your favorite spot in the house, and have the clue go there. That way, that spot in your house is sure to receive traffic.

Q: How will you give out prizes?

A: Once a week, prizes will go out to those who have completed the hunt. Prizes will be assigned via a random number generator, and there will be a large assortment of prizes. Your prize will be a surprise!

Q: I want to donate some prizes. What do I do?

A: Send a message to Jazabelle, either via the SOE message boards, in-game mail, or an in-game tell. Include what sorts of items you'd be interested in donating. From there, you'll receive instructions on how to donate items. Please offer only rare or hard to obtain items. No regular Mastercrafted house items, etc!

Q: What happens if I donate a prize and no one receives it?

A: If you donate a prize and it isn't used as a reward, one of two things will happen. Either you'll be sent the prize back, or the prize will be saved and used as a prize for future events run by Homes and Tomes.

Q: So what are the prizes this year?

A: We're still receiving prizes, and will be right up until the event starts. If you want to see what the prize list looks like, you're welcome to click here.

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