Saturday, October 4, 2014

Decorating and Streaming

I've had people in the past ask me if they could watch me decorate.

It seems like a strange request to me (honestly, there isn't much to see other than me running around like a madperson while items appear and disappear in front of you), but I've always said, "Sure!"

Last night, I decided I'd try streaming what I was doing. That way, people could not only see what was going on in the game, but also what's going on on my end with the layout editor.

This morning, in a fit of perfectionism, I went at it again to see if I could make it better.

I'm still not sure how interesting this is to people, but when I asked in Homeshow if people would be interested in watching, a few people said yes. And I'm all about pleasing other people.

It doesn't take me much extra effort to stream while I decorate--just boot it up and then go at it. However, the first two videos I've done don't have any voice explanations of what I'm doing (or explanations, period). I'm working up to that. I hate my voice, and I tend to remain totally silent while gaming, so talking while decorating in order to explain my thought processes and what I'm doing will take getting used to.

Anyway, have the first two videos:

Attempt #2 at streaming. Thank you Troy for helping me figure out how to make the transition between the layout editor and the game seamless and automatic (and for giving me the idea to frame the editor so that it looks fancy!).

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