Thursday, May 31, 2012

I am amazed and humbled. Also, update on decorating!

So apparently 400 awards on the leaderboards turns your home's name blue.

I am amazed and humbled by how much people like this house. I keep expecting the Tudor Farmhouse to eventually drift off into obscurity. It's been around for nearly five months now. Yet every time it drifts down, there's a sudden surge of interest in it, and it pops right back up. I don't know why it's so popular, but there it is.

As of right now, the Tudor Farmhouse is the only blue named house on the leaderboards (on Antonia Bayle, at least). And it's mine?! What in the world are you guys thinking?!

I am awed, humbled, and amazed. Also, slightly peeved. It's almost impossible to read the name when it's that color. Oh well. I guess I can either take it down, or leave it up and hope that there's another color in the list of awards.

Jazabelle's Housing News:

I'm still working on my backlog of projects, in between being swamped by real life. I finally cleared one project off of my plate, only to have another two line up. Luckily, one of the new ones isn't due to start for another couple of months. The other supposedly is for a person who's perfectly fine waiting a couple of weeks for me to get my act together.

It doesn't help that when the Vale house went in, I'd just come back to the game after a few weeks of break. The Vale house seemed like an answer to my prayers for the Norrathian Research Library. Being the flaky decorator that I am, I immediately bought a house. Instead of finishing off the projects I had lined up, I put together a new tower for the Library. Good news is, the tower's been done since three days after the Vale house went live. Bad news is, I haven't finished shelving the books yet. Also bad news, I keep taking time when I should be working on other projects to shelve books.

Perhaps in my next blog entry, I'll post the screenshots of the new Norrathian Research Library that I have posted up on my Facebook.

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