Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Library needs books!

The following list is a list of books that the Norrathian Research Library is missing. If you're on Antonia Bayle, and you'd like to donate or sell me one of the books listed below, please contact Jazabelle.

All donors are honored for their contributions with a plaque. If you wish to remain anonymous, there's even a plaque for that. Even nameless contributions are honored. Thank you!

Books that are bolded are rare books that are no longer obtainable via questing. If you have one of those books, please be aware that there is no way to get those books in-game any longer. (I don't want to cheat you out of your books! If you'd like to arrange for me to steal or buy the rare book from you, I'd be happy to discuss it.)

Books with a red title are newly added.

The library needs 29 (28?) books for the collection to be complete. (Order of the Frozen Wastes may not actually be obtainable.)

Donors have their name and donation posted on the Donors wall.
  1. "The Age of Cataclysms" 
  2. "The Age of Destiny" 
  3. An ancient grimoire 
  4. Book of Hate 
  5. Books of Ancient Lore
  6. Books of Ancient Myth
  7. Books of Ancient Spells
  8. "Destroyer's Folly" 
  9. A disenchanted ancient grimoire
  10. Guidebook to the Queen's Colony 
  11. History of the Hand 
  12. History of the Runnyeye Goblins, Vol. II 
  13. History of the Runnyeye Goblins, Vol. III 
  14. "Horguz" 
  15. The Journal of Samantha Rageshree 
  16. The Journal of Ubdub of the Reet 
  17. The Journal of Yasva V'Alear 
  18. Legends Paintings: Volume 5
  19. Order of the Frozen Wastes (??)
  20. The Outpost of the Overlord: A Guide
  21. "The Pawn" 
  22. Paying Homage to the Past 
  23. The Pirate Queen and the Map
  24. Remembrances - Nyalla-Phon 
  25. The Tale of Alexander Simond 
  26. A Tattered Journal 
  27. Termble Clankerbang Findings Vol. 98 
  28. a torn diary
  29. Xass's Notebook

Needs a plaque:

  1. A Dilapidated Journal 


  1. Quest for "Books of Ancient Lore":

    Awakened's Tomb Legacy:
    Primal Black Dragon Amulet
    Primal Gold Dragon Amulet
    Primal Silver Dragon Amulet
    Primal Storm Dragon Amulet

    Awakened's Tomb Weapons: [Primal Black Dragon Amulet]
    Premier Sword of Secundae
    Premier Staff of Secundae
    Premier Spear of Secundae
    Premier Dagger of Secundae
    Premier Great Staff of Secundae
    Premier Long Bow of Secundae
    Premier Great Sword of Secundae

    Awakened's Tomb Trinkets: [Primal Gold Dragon Amulet]
    Drakeen Controller's Claw
    Forbidding Gargoyle Eye
    Furious Phantasim's Sythe
    Master of the Guard's Blade
    Scroll of An'Rev
    Sinister Gargoyle's Shard
    Progenitor's Talisman

    Awakened's Tomb Hoard: [Primal Silver Dragon Amulet]
    Helm of the Shrine
    Tunic of the Shrine
    Sleeves of the Shrine
    Gloves of the Shrine
    Greaves of the Shrine
    Slippers of the Shrine
    Cloak of the Shrine

    Awakened's Tomb Shards: [Primal Storm Dragon Amulet]
    Blade of Scale Shard
    Lens of Scale Shard
    Mace of Scale Shard
    Pearl of Scale Shard
    Ring of Scale Shard

    Quest for "Books of Ancient Myths":

    Sleeper's Tomb Legacy:
    Primal Black Dragon Talisman
    Primal Gold Dragon Talisman
    Primal Silver Dragon Talisman
    Primal Storm Dragon Talisman

    Sleeper's Tomb Weapons: [Primal Black Dragon Talisman]
    Premier Axe of Secundae
    Premier Lance of Secundae
    Premier Brawl Stick of Secundae
    Premier Staff of Secundae
    Premier Bow of Secundae
    Premier Claymore of Secundae

    Sleeper's Tomb Trinkets: [Primal Gold Dragon Talisman]
    Drakeen Controller's Wing
    Forbidding Gargoyle's Shard
    Furious Phantasm's Robe
    Master of the Guard's Key
    Memoirs of An'Rev
    Sinister gargoyle's Claw
    Progenitor's Final Orders

    Sleeper's Tomb Hoard: [Primal Silver Dragon Talisman]
    Aegis of the Shrine
    Ammulet of the Shrine
    Signet of the Shrine
    Ring of the Shrine
    Torque of the Shrine
    Armband of the Shrine
    Tome of the Shrine

    Sleeper's Tomb Essence: [Primal Storm Dragon Talisman]
    Essence of Blade of Scale
    Essence of Lens of Scale
    Essence of Mace of Scale
    Essence of Pearl of Scale
    Essence of Ring of Scale

    1. I just completed Awakened's Tomb Legacy. The rewards included ONE of the following:

      Books of Ancient Lore -OR- Books of Ancient Myth

      Note also that these are merely appearance items, and there is no actual text to read.

    2. Hmm. So if you complete the Sleeper's Tomb Legacy, does that /also/ provide a choice between the two books? Interesting.

      It's disheartening that they don't include any lore and are just appearance, though.

    3. I completed Sleeper's Tomb Legacy, and they offered NO books at all. :(

      I will place Books of Ancient Myth in the usual spot.

  2. It turns out there are four different collections that offer the Books of Ancient Lore, and the Books of Ancient Myth. Three of the same collections also offer the Books of Ancient Spells as a choice.

    I am not certain which of the collections they are, but a friend on another server who has done the collections has passed on this information to me. I will try to find out more information.